How many times should a bath towel be used?

Answer On One Hand: Once a WeekTo save water and money on energy bills, many people choose to change their bath towels every week (four to seven days). The typical washing machine uses .26 kilowatts per h... Read More »

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Is a bath sheet the same as a bath towel?

Bath sheets are a type of bath towel. Bath towels come in a variety of sizes. A bath sheet is the largest type of bath towel and generally measures 35 inches by 60 How... Read More »

What is the best bath towel?

Alright, what did you do with my bath towel?

I am drying myself off with it now!!!You wanted us to take a shower together and we did.Now I am using your towel.Will you help dry me off?

How to fold a bath towel?

You fold it in half any way you want and then fold it in half again and then again, and that's your towel folded! :)