How many times should I shock my pool?

Answer On One Hand: Powdered ShockPowdered pool shocking solutions can be used for either in- or above-ground pools and must be mixed with water in a bucket before being added to the pool water. This pro... Read More »

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How Much Shock Should I Put in My 12' by 30' Pool?

Adding shock to a swimming pool will help clear up the water conditions from algae or cloudy water and help maintain the chlorine in the pool. When adding shock to a pool, you must add the correct ... Read More »

What pool salt chlorinator system is better - polaris which requires some chlorine and shock treatment or the ultrapure turbo shock ozone generators that supposedly do not require any shock ever?

Answer Of the two I would recommend the Polaris system. Don't go for gadgets and feature, go for a simple reliable unit. Polaris will use more dependable, attainable parts.Up to a short time ago I ... Read More »

How much shock should be used in a pool?

Shock is the chemical treatment used to impede algae growth and other contaminants in pools. There are various mixtures to shock a pool, and most contain chlorine. The amount used depends on the ex... Read More »

Should you run the filter when you shock a pool?

When you shock your pool, run your filter for at least 24 hours. If you have a multi-port valve system, put it on recirculate while adding the shock. After adding all of the shock, change it back t... Read More »