How many times have you eaten at red lobster?

Answer I used to go alot but have since found much better places. Like some one else said, "It's the fast food of seafood." Mitchell's costs alot more but is soooo worth it.

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I've eaten at a mexican restaurant three times and twice have found bugs in my food. Should i try again?

I have ten lobster in a live well and i put an octopus in there and it inked.will the lobster be safe to eat?

why wouldn't they be? ink is used in many culinary sauces.

I have abdominal tb. I have kissed my boyfriend and have had sex with him many times. have I spread tb to him?

I am not a doctor and this is NOT medical advice=================================I assume:1. he already knows of the condition2. he is already immunizedThe good news I will also assume you know, if... Read More »

Most people in America have only eaten pork, chicken, or beef. If you've eaten other meats, how do they taste?

I love eating turtle especially when its in a stew