How many times NASA go to moon?

Answer There were 17 Apollo missions altogether, although not all of these went to the moon. Many were simply test missions, some unmanned, and some in earth orbit only.Of the missions that went to the mo... Read More »

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How many times has NASA been on the moon?

Moon Phases & Hunting Times?

The moon has always been a focus of human study and research; it seems like every basic human activity has been somehow linked to ever-changing phases of the moon: the menstruation cycle, fishing, ... Read More »

How many times does the moon orbit around Earth in a day?

It takes the moon 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes to complete a full orbital cycle around the earth. Though Earth only has one moon, other planets have more: Jupiter has 61 and Uranus has 27.Refere... Read More »

How many times did nasa make a space shuttle before the first moon landing?

None. The space shuttle came after the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects (Apollo got us to the moon.) The space shuttle was intended to be a freighter of sorts - ferrying materials, satellites an... Read More »