How many times can you urinate in a day I'm worried I may go too much, been 7 times in thes last 46 minutes.?

Answer You may be a diabetic. It's your body's way of gettin rid of excess glucose. Check with ur DR

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Can a mom revoke the parental rights of an abusive father who's always in jail who has been in jail almost 10 years of the child's life?

Answer The mother can petition the court to remove the rights, but she can't do it without a court order.

How Many Times Have you Been Told You Were Lucky Not to Have Been Aborted?

I was told it just last night by someone on YouTube watching one of my videos. Infact, I'm going to Vblog about it now. I've been told it more times than I can count. Heres a blog piece I wrote on ... Read More »

How many times has NASA been to Saturn?

nothing to do with nasa to purchase. if really they want purchase the iridum they have their own resource to buy or lease or create or any thing they have their own channals. these people not depe... Read More »

How many times has nasa been on Jupiter?

The Hubble Space Telescope has the unbelievable powerful Camera, it could take pictures from more than a hundred of distance miles away.