How many times has ESPN network mentioned Tim Tebows name in last month?

Answer Vegas has the over/under for December of 155,000 if you wanted to place bets.

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How many times is Jesus'name mentioned in the Old Testament in the Bible?

The Old Testament of the Bible never mentions "Jesus" by name, although most Christians believe He is foretold and prophesied of in the Old Testament. Additionally, "Jesus" is an English translatio... Read More »

You had your period two times last month and you are bleeding light right now can you still be pregnant and not no it cause you think its your period this month?

AnswerYou are probably not pregnant, but you should take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

How many times a day does/did your 12 month old eat?

she drinks whole milk in the am and at night before bed; eats breakfast, lunch, snack, nap, dinner, snack, bed on the best days....and for snack, we usually give her a small meal bc she has always ... Read More »

What times of the month can i get pregnant?

If you are ready to conceive, you want to know exactly when you will be fertile. Most women's menstrual cycles range between twenty-eight and thirty-two days. Out of those days, the optimum time to... Read More »