How many times faster is the core 2 duo e6600 then the sempron 3200+ ?

Answer Intel E6600 - Dual core 2.33ghz. So, at full capacity this would run at a theoretical 4.66ghzAMD Sempron 3200+ - 1.6ghz, single core. Full capacity it just runs at 1.6ghz.There you go ;)Remember, t... Read More »

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Can my Mobo MS-7387 support an E6600 from the Intel Core 2 Duo Series ?… is a list of supported processors. The E6600 is listed as supported.

Why do youtube videos load very slowly sometimes, and then other times a lot faster?

sometimes they go slower because nodumgys is hogging all the bandwidth by downloading some computer goes a lot faster when she isn't sucking up all the bandwidth.

If core duo means Dual core then what is the 2 mean in the core 2 duo?

horribly confusing nomenclature those from inteland if you have not been following developments ... yes, it's horribly confusing indeedto start with, they are all dual core processorsmeaning 2 core... Read More »

Is quad-core faster than dual-core?

A quad-core processor can be faster than a dual-core processor if both processors run at the same speed and the software can take advantage of multiple cores. Games often benefit little from having... Read More »