How many times does the queen bee mate?

Answer A queen bee will only mate once in her life, though it will be with several males, even as many as fifteen. Somewhere between three days and a week after she emerges from the pupal cell the virgin... Read More »

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How many times does a queen bee mate?

Among honey bees, the queen bee mates only once. Shortly after becoming the queen bee (by killing the other potential queens), the new queen flies out of the hive followed by the drones who mate wi... Read More »

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"Empress" is another name used for a queen during the medieval period. For example, Queen Matilda of England, the first woman to rule the English, was also known as Empress Matilda, according to th... Read More »

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With the exception of Queen Matilda of England (1102-1167), who proclaimed herself "Empress Matilda," female medieval rulers were simply referred to as queens. The proper way to approach a medieval... Read More »

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