How many times does it take before I break my ankle?

Answer Ya, I think the more you roll your ankles the weaker they'll get. Unless you're doing physical therapy to strengthen them. I'm assuming you can't wear an ankle brace, but can you get your ankles ta... Read More »

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How many times did you take your practical driving test before passing?

I failed 5 tests before I passed! My nerves used to get the better of me........I've been driving 10yrs now (am 48)If you can fit behind the steering wheel at 8 months pregnant, do it. but be VERY... Read More »

How many pounds does it take to break a human bone?

Depends on the bone. Heavy bones like the femur are extremely resistant to breaking, as is the skull. Smaller bones tend to be jointed in a way that lets them flex away from breaking forces.To actu... Read More »

Roughly how many times does a space shuttle go into space before NASA gets a new one?

Could I possibly be in love Am I going to get my heart broke again How many times does it take?

As someone once sang, love is a many splendored thing! We're never too told for love.