Is it possible to fart enough times to stain your pants?

Answer It all depends on the consistency of the fart. Is it sharp like knives coming out of your bung hole? Maybe it's a squeaker you had to push out and it brought some of last nights pot roast with i... Read More »

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When dining out....would it be ok to let the guy pay all the times or the girl should pay sometimes too>?

I think it would be nice to offer to pay. If your relationship is secure there should be know problem with splitting or taking turns on the meal!

What is the normal times a girl can organsm in one night?

Why do people like to smell their own fart but get grossed out when smelling other people fart?

First off, who wipes their boogers on the covers>? That's really kinda gross. Anywho, it's true that most people don't mind the smell of their own farts or poos. But I'm not completely sure as t... Read More »

On a Johnny Carson show a girl sitting on a chair and shown again from ten feet above and again 10 times that distance and so on where could I find this?