How many people watch the Times Square celebration on TV?

Answer The New Year's Eve celebrations at Times Square in New York are some of the most famous in the world. As the time approaches midnight, it's estimated several million are watching across the U.S. a... Read More »

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How many times did people clap at the 2011 state of union address?

The president was first introduced by Wilson Livingood, the House sergent of arms. He was introduced the second time by Nancy Pelosi

How many times do you eat in a day( I need at least 50 people to answer please. its for my math class)?

On average, how many times do people change their Facebook/MySpace profile picture a day?

.05 times per day (about once every 20 days)

How many times people scroll down and reads the term and condition while downloading stuff from internet?

I have learnt my lesson from past mistakes from installing things without reading it properly, have had a virus a couple of times on the computer. I dont download things now unless i know they are ... Read More »