How many times do I have to ask my hubbie to "not" do this?

Answer Come on over to my place.I'll go buy some more beer at the store for you.Are you okay drinking natural light? It's the cheapest beer that's still good tasting.Money is so tight for me.$119 per oil... Read More »

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In general why most brothers' wives are more beautiful than husbands' sister- this is not my situation but I have noticed this many times with many people and most of the sister-in-laws?

Since most husband's sisters will eventually become some brother's wife, this "observation" is clearly nonsense.

I have abdominal tb. I have kissed my boyfriend and have had sex with him many times. have I spread tb to him?

I am not a doctor and this is NOT medical advice=================================I assume:1. he already knows of the condition2. he is already immunizedThe good news I will also assume you know, if... Read More »

Many times team members have differing view points about how to solve a problem. Tell me about a time you were in this situation how did you approach the issue what was the outcome?

How many times did you brush your teeth this week?

i brush them in the morning and at night so that is 7x2 which is 14>>>so i guess 14 times!