How many times did Jesus fall while carrying his cross?

Answer According to Catholic church tradition, Jesus fell three times while carrying his cross to Calvary to be executed. However, the exact number of falls is not recorded in the Bible.Source:Dominican C... Read More »

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How many hours was Jesus on the cross?

According to Bible scholar Steven Ray, "Jesus was on the cross from possibly late morning or almost noon until the ninth hour, or about 3 p.m." Therefore, three hours elapsed between his crucifixio... Read More »

How many times was jesus flogged?

A report written by archaeologist William Meacham says that the Shroud of Turin, a piece of cloth many scholars believe Jesus was wrapped in during his burial, indicates that Jesus received between... Read More »

How many times was jesus scourged?

Before the Crucifixion, Roman soldiers whipped Jesus at the Praetorium. According to Jewish law, a victim could only suffer a maximum of 39 lashes. It is unknown whether this limit applied to Jesus... Read More »

How many times was Jesus whipped?

The Gospels never truly state how many lashes Jesus received when Pilate had him flogged and then crucified, but the Jewish penalty was 40 lashes -- although the most believed number is 39.Source:N... Read More »