What time of the day is it acceptable to start drinking alcohol without being considered an alcoholic?

Answer That's a tough one. Lots of people drink when attending sporting events (or watching them on TV). What do you do if you're watching some sporting event in another country at 8:00 AM? Will you be... Read More »

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How many times can an employee be late without being reprimanded and terminated?

with me you have 3 strikes a month.if more better clean your desk

How many times can you fail the army pt test after AIT without being discharged?

When you fail an APFT, fail height/weight requirements, etc., you'll be flagged and barred from favourable action. Your chain of command has a fair bit of leeway in determining how long they'll giv... Read More »

If i drink 1 litre of vodka a week am i an alcoholic?

I Drink 1-5 Beers Twice A Week & My Wife Says Im An Alcoholic Who's Right?

You are not an alcoholic. Enjoy it man that is what beer is for.Man don't let her change you! Keep drinking!