How many times can ink cartridges be refilled?

Answer While some ink jet cartridges can be refilled more than 10 times, the average is between five and seven times, depending on the cartridge. Achieve full refill potential by refilling ink cartridges ... Read More »

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Canon W6400/6200 BCI 1431 cartridges Pigmented Refilled Cartridges?

Color cartridges will use dye base ink only.

How many times inkjet cartridge can be refilled?

A number of time, just use the printer regularly so the heads do not clog up...

Can HP 22 cartridges be refilled?

Hewlitt Packard 22 ink cartridges can be refilled using commercially available refill kits. HP cautions against refilling ink cartridges, however, citing excessive cartridge failure. Most printer m... Read More »

Can Canon ink cartridges be refilled?

Yes, Canon ink cartridges can be refilled. Most Canon cartridges can be refilled up to 12 times. Canon cartridges consist of a sponge and an open ink reservoir, so they can be refilled using a syri... Read More »