How many times can a condom be used and still work?

Answer ~I know that was an attempt as a joke, not funny.~

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How many times can you clean and reuse a condom?

well you have to wash the outside AND INSIDE! believe it or not, you can use it as long as you want. its like a car, clean it and take care of it well and it will last forever. ive only used one my... Read More »

If you are 14 and your boyfriend is 19 and you used a condom all of the times that you had sex but you still got pregnant how should you tell him?

Answer You should just tell him, after all you weren't the only person involved, but if you are scared and you have some type of relationship with your mom you should tell her, she will probably kn... Read More »

How many times can I reuse a condom before its no longer protective?

damn its funny how people take things to serious. i never use condoms i use the pull out method right before it happens. it has always worked for me i only have 12 kids damn out of thousand guys i ... Read More »

If stored on a night stand, how many times should you use a condom before throwing it away and getting another?

Just the one time you moron. ;)God you sound like a catch.. (!)