How many times can a cat get pregnant?

Answer According to the animal advocacy website Wally's Friends, "in seven years, one female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats." This is because unspayed cats have an average of... Read More »

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How many times can a boa constrictor get pregnant?

Since a female boa constrictor can harbor the male's sperm for an extended period before the fertilization takes place, overall gestation can take up to 10 months. The female boa could theoreticall... Read More »

How many times per week can a pregnant woman have sex?

A pregnant woman can have intercourse as often as she likes as long as it remains comfortable for her. Having intercourse while pregnant will not harm the developing baby in any way!

If you are 16 and your boyfriend is 18 how many times will it take to get pregnant?

it doesn't matter the age its just if it happens......p.s. if you are 16, you don't need to be having sex

What is it when you dream yourself pregnant so many times?

I don't know but I had a dream about 2 months ago I told someone I was pregnant. Also, my Aunt said that she had adreamed was pregnant then another aunt told me and my cousins somebody was pregnant... Read More »