How many times can I check my credit report?

Answer There are three credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. Each of them allow individuals to obtain one free credit report annually. After that, you can order as many as you wou... Read More »

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How many times can a debt collector look at my credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act says that any creditor with whom you have an account has permission to access your credit report. A debt collector to whom you owe money can review your credit report ... Read More »

How do I check a credit report without a credit card?

Free Credit ReportRequest a free credit report from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian created the website to comply with the U.S. Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (F... Read More »

How to Check a Company's Credit Report?

Businesses have the ability to become an entity that is completely separate from their owner or owners by obtaining a federal tax ID number. This means that businesses have their own company credit... Read More »

How to Check Activity on Your Credit Report?

A credit report tracks an individual's history of making timely payments on debt obligations. According to MSN Money, more than 30 million people struggle with credit issues that make getting credi... Read More »