How does NASA sends photos from outer space to Earth and how long do photos from Jupiter take to reach Earth?

Answer The simple answer is, over a radio transmission containing the picture information and between 35 and 52 minutes depending on how far away we are from Jupiter at the time.NASA has employed many dif... Read More »

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How many times has nasa been on Jupiter?

The Hubble Space Telescope has the unbelievable powerful Camera, it could take pictures from more than a hundred of distance miles away.

What is the distance between Earth and Jupiter?

Jupiter is, on average, about 483,780,000 miles from the sun, while Earth is about 93 million miles from the sun. Therefore, the closest Jupiter gets to Earth is 390,780,000 miles. Cosmic distances... Read More »

What planet is between Jupiter& Earth?

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, with its orbit between that of the Earth and the giant planet Jupiter. Mars has an orbit that keeps it at an average of 141.6 million miles from the sun. Ear... Read More »

Why is Jupiter richer in hydrogen and helium than Earth?

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, and the largest planet in the solar system, with a diameter 11 times the size of Earth's. Its atmosphere is comprised of 86 percent hydrogen and 14 percent... Read More »