How many times a week would you consider taking a shower?

Answer I take at least 10-11 a week. One every morning and, since I work out 3 or 4 days a week, I take one after working out.

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After taking a shower, do you wipe the water off the shower walls?

I also use a squeegee. It is so fast and prevents soap scum and mold from growing. It also prevents you from using a lot of chemicals to clean it later on.

Do you think it's logical to pee in the shower while taking a shower, if you need to go?

yesand to all you ignoramuses who claim that it is "dirty", it is actually sterile and kills germs on the shower floor

Will taking a hot shower cause acne?

On One Hand: Many See a CorrelationThe idea that hot showers cause acne stems from the idea that hot water will strip away your skin's natural oils, causing it to rapidly produce new oil, which cou... Read More »

Is there anything bad with taking a cold shower?

No nothing wrong, just make sure if you worked out hard and your all hot not to just jump in the cold shower. The quick change of temp. can cause your body to freak. More than likely you'd pass out... Read More »