How many times a day you shower?

Answer Only onceUnless I really smell:)

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How many times a week would you consider taking a shower?

I take at least 10-11 a week. One every morning and, since I work out 3 or 4 days a week, I take one after working out.

Why will a shower curtain fly toward the shower when the shower is running and hang straight down when it is off?

When you have a hot shower steam is generated and, because it is warmer than the surrounding air, it rises. As the steam flows upwards, cooler air flows in to the lower level of the shower. If the ... Read More »

You some times over heat and then sometimes it doesnt happen for weeks can a water pump going out some times and work others?

Yes,but it costs $600 for the upgrade sugestion is that you just cancel your current iphone contract for $150,and get a iphone 4 for $200 plus the activation fee,and you will have a iphone ... Read More »

My Canon 160 printer works with my Mac Book at times and other times it will not. there is nothing wrong with?