How many times a day should a person urinate?

Answer As many times as his or her bladder gets full.All kidding aside, there is no one ideal number for all people. There are so many variables involved. What you should watch for is a change in your ow... Read More »

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How many hours should a normal person sleep?

It depends on age but in general you should try to get between 7 and 8 full hours of sleep a night. Teenagers and older adults need more.

How many times can a person get shingles?

Shingles--formally known as herpes zoster--is characterized by a painful skin rash on one side of the body, usually appearing as a stripe, and is caused by a reactivation of the same virus that cau... Read More »

How many times a person can sneeze in a minute?

How many times can a person file bankruptcy?

You can file for bankruptcy as many times as you like, but there are limits to how often you can be discharged from bankruptcy. Also, bankruptcy courts can choose to deny bankruptcy applications.Di... Read More »