How many times a day do you drown your sorrows...?

Answer i want to live in that box. *cries*

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Is it wrong to drown your sorrows in Rum and Coke?

depends how sorrowful i felt. i might just roll a big fat doobie and relax....or get drunk like a pig on JACK AND COKE!!!!!

How to Level Fast in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows?

By dealing 2 damage to the Iron Golem in The Wizardry Lab you can level up very fast

What is your favorite wine to drink to chill your sorrows?

Well I drink Blackberry Merlot, but not to drown my sorrows. You see, I'm a Dodger fan so there will be no need to be sorrowful. However, there will be plenty of celebration this year as Dodger Blu... Read More »

How is it possible to drown yourself?

Suicide by drowning is not impossible, although it is not the easiest method. Most of the people who do choose very deep water, and are very determined to succeed. If they can hold their breath l... Read More »