How many time outs are allowed in basketball?

Answer The NBA allows each team six full timeouts and one 30-second time out per half, and three full timeouts in overtime. The NCAA rules vary based on whether the game is televised or not. In non-televi... Read More »

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Spanking vs time outs?

Hi newbie hockey fan,I would like to know how many of these psychologists are actually parents and directly involved in raising children.It's one thing to make a broad/general statement, it's quite... Read More »

How to Give Children Time Outs?

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Preschool teacher's disciplining strategy for time outs. Is this ok?

absolutely not. that is not okay and you're right, it is weird. there is not reason for that at all. a time out should be used as a "break" usually one minute for each year of age. I would tell... Read More »

How many basketball teams are there in the National Basketball Association?

There are 30 basketball teams in the NBA. This includes five teams in each of the Atlantic, Central and Southeast Divisions of the Eastern Conference, and five teams in each of the Northwest, Pacif... Read More »