How many texts can be stored on the iphone 4?

Answer The app called facetime

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Curious. How many texts do you think you send in one day?

i talk to my gf and i use AIM Forwarding so every time i send a message it's sent via text msgi dunno about the dayi guess it all depends on what day and month it isbut my average amount of texts i... Read More »

How do you check how many texts you have left with Koodo?

i would like to no have i gone over my 50 tex messige

How many texts messages does the avg. girl send in a month?…Page 5.Though I don't know what you consider an "avg. girl". Age, race, family income, lots of other things are in the definition.http://www.telecompetito... Read More »

How many texts do you send/recieve on average each month?

When i was in highschool ithats seriously all i did, i used around 8,000-10,000 texts a month!!! Which is OUTRAGEOUS!!. But now that i'm married i only use about 2,000. Which is still high, but not... Read More »