Messages sent through iMessanger keeps sending as text messages?

Answer By default, your iPhone is set to automatically send the iMessage through SMS if the servers are down or you can’t find a Wi-Fi connection. You can change this setting under Settings > Messages. ... Read More »

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Can I have Text messages sent to one phone and phone calls sent to another?

The answer to your question is yes (but it isn't simple). The number to your phone is tied to your SIM and every phone that will operate on T-Mobile's network needs a SIM to do so. That means that ... Read More »

How Can I See Text Messages Sent From a Phone?

Short Message Service (SMS) has gained an enormous popularity among cellular-phone and smartphone users. This protocol allows a user to send a text message up to 160 characters long from his phone ... Read More »

How to Recover Sprint Sent & Received Text Messages?

Your Sprint cell phone maintains a record of the text messages that you send and receive until you delete them. However, even after you delete your messages, a record still exists on your cell phon... Read More »

How secure is my cell phone is it possible to intercept text messages and e-mails sent from it?

Here's a page full of various brands, how to's, etc.…