Does the firefly squid have an ink sack?

Answer The firefly squid, also known as the sparkling enope squid, is a member of the cephalopod family native to the waters of Japan. Like most cephalopods, the firefly squid has an ink sac that expels d... Read More »

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Why do many movies and TV shows about alien invasions seem to feature spaceships with long tentacles hanging off the bottoms?

The answer to this question is quite practical. During long gone days the sailors used to relate story telling about giant squids and octopus due to which people always used to be afraid with creat... Read More »

What does squid for duck mean?

Forum members of the website Tagged may have "Squid for Duck" or "Squid 4 Duck" in their profile. Some people not on Tagged also use variations of "squid for duck" in their group or profile name. T... Read More »

Where does the ink sac of a squid empty into?

The ink sac is a gland that emits ink when the squid knows its in danger. The ink sac is found above the liver. The ink is then emptied and its contents emitted through the siphon.Source:preuss.ucs... Read More »

How to Kill the Tentacles in Ocarina?

While battling your way through the Water Temple in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" you'll come across an odd boss named Morpha. This being, known as the Aquatic Amoeba, forms large tentacle... Read More »