How many teeth does a hammerhead shark have?

Answer A hammerhead shark has a total of approximately 38 to 46 teeth. Each side of the upper jaw has about 13 to 15 smooth, triangular teeth, and sometimes a small central tooth, called a symphyseal. The... Read More »

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The Type of Teeth of the Hammerhead Shark?

There are many varieties of shark teeth. Some are wide and triangular, while others are thin and pointed, like a blade. Others are cone-shaped or even flat. Hammerhead sharks bear one of the most f... Read More »

How many rows of teeth does a great white shark have?

Great white sharks have several rows of teeth; the two front rows are used for grabbing and tearing prey. As teeth in the front two rows are lost or fall out, the remaining teeth move forward to fi... Read More »

How many teeth does a lemon shark lose in a year?

Sharks have an average of 40 teeth in each jaw, divided by rows. A lemon shark will lose its entire set of teeth every seven to eight days, and all at the same time, adding up to nearly 4,200 teeth... Read More »

How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark?

These are species of sharks that have been named after the shape of their head, which looks like a hammer. And did you know that hammerheads are one of a few animals that can get a tan by exposing ... Read More »