How many rows of teeth does a great white shark have?

Answer Great white sharks have several rows of teeth; the two front rows are used for grabbing and tearing prey. As teeth in the front two rows are lost or fall out, the remaining teeth move forward to fi... Read More »

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Do great white sharks have scales?

Great white sharks have scales, but they differ from those of other fish in that they have a structure similar to teeth and are known to biologists as dermal denticals. They lie flat against the sh... Read More »

How many sets of teeth do sharks have?

The mouth of the great white shark contains up to 300 teeth arranged in up to 5 rows. These teeth are renewable and replace themselves. When a tooth falls out it is replaced by one in the row behin... Read More »

How many teeth do tiger sharks have?

Tiger sharks have multiple rows of 24 identical teeth that they continuously shed and replace. Over a period of 10 years, a single tiger shark can produce more than 24,000 teeth.Source:Venice Flori... Read More »

How many teeth do whale sharks have?

The whale shark has 3,000 small teeth, according to Enchanted Learning. The shark does not use its teeth for eating. Instead, the shark feeds primarily by filtering small organisms out of the water... Read More »