What is the name for baby crocodiles?

Answer Baby crocodiles are called hatchlings. Baby crocs are programmed at birth. Their routines or instincts regarding how to respond and react to stimulus and signals from their surrounding are innate, ... Read More »

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Do crocodiles have scales?

Crocodiles are reptiles and all reptiles have scales. However, some reptiles have scales too small to be seen easily. The crocodile has various types of scales on different parts of its body depend... Read More »

Differences Between Alligators & Crocodiles?

Though crocodiles and alligators belong to separate families, they are collectively known as crocodylians. Crocodiles belong to the Crocodylidae family, while alligators belong to the Alligatoridae... Read More »

How many American crocodiles are left in the world?

Like so many crocodillians, which includes alligators, the American crocodile is fighting from the endangered species list. Worldwide--they range from the Everglades south to the west Caribbean isl... Read More »

Do Webkinz crocodiles come with an underwater room?

The Webkinz crocodile does not come with a water room. Some of the critters that do get a water room are the manatee and the goldfish. If you get one of these pets, then the crocodile will be able ... Read More »