Why do meat eaters always bring up thier teeth when trying to argue that humans are supposed to eat meat?

Answer We do NOT have teeth designed to eat meat. If you want to see teeth designed to eat meat, look at the teeth of a cat or dog. Meat eaters seem to think their teeth are designed to chew meat, but ... Read More »

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Are wisdom teeth supposed to hurt molar teeth?

Yes, you should go to the dentist. Most likely, it is due to wisdom teeth, and not caused by the root canal.

Is it possible for an adult to not need any wisdom teeth removed if they've never grown in or threatened the growth of the other teeth?

Answer If you have wisdom teeth and they haven't come in normally, you need to have them removed. And possiblly even if they have come in. They are so far back it's very hard to keep them properly ... Read More »

If humans are supposed to be vegetarians---explain me?

Here is a newsletter that has a good explanation about gut dysbiosis:…You apparently have a severe case of it. You could correct it, but it would take at ... Read More »

How many full adult teeth wxcluding any wisdom teeth should you have?