How many teens keep their babies?

Answer 1% give them up for adoption, 1/3 have an abortion and the rest keeps them.

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How many teens give their babies up for adoption in a year?

Why do certain teens give up their babies for adopton?

Because they are not ready to be parents and want what is best for their child and knows they as parents is not the best. Some decide it from the beginning and others awhile after the child is born... Read More »

Why do babies keep their hands closed?

babies keep their hands closed because the environment in which they are new to make them a little cold or because they have the habit of keeping their fingers in mouth.

About what percentage of teen mothers keep their babies?

Just over 50 percent of teen mothers keep their babies after giving birth. About 35 percent abort their pregnancy, while 14 percent miscarry. Less than 1 percent of teen moms place their baby up fo... Read More »