How many teenagers have a cell phone?

Answer At least 80 percent of teenagers have a cellphone, according to a 2008 CTIA (Wireless Association) survey. This number almost doubled compared to the number of teens who said they carried a cellpho... Read More »

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If I don't have Cell phone service, will 911 still work on my cell phone It's a US Cellular phone.?

911 should work on any cell phone whether or not you have service.

How many Americans have a cell phone?

According to statistics compiled by CTIA-The Wireless Association, in December of 2009, there were about 285,600 wireless subscriber connections in the United States. This amounts to nearly 91 perc... Read More »

Can you text a friend on his cell phone if you don't have any minutes on a cell phone?

Cell phone carriers separate text messaging from phone calls in mobile plans, and text messaging is counted only as part of your text package. You can still use your text plan to message a friend w... Read More »

How do I find out how many minutes I have left on my Verizon cell phone?

Key in #MIN (#616) from your cell phone.Dial "Send." The phone will display the minutes you have used this month.Subtract the minutes you have used from the minutes on your plan. For example, if yo... Read More »