How much is 40g of plain cereal in teaspoons/tablespoons?

Answer 1 tablespoon = 15g. So 3 heaping tablespoons full would make 40g

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I took 2 teaspoons 2 days ago and 4 teaspoons yesterday my stomach still hasn't worked and no labor I am 37 weeks pregnant but gynecologist said baby is ready what can I do?

Answer There's not a lot you can do to start labor. Taking castor oil (which is what I think you are talking about) usually just gives you an upset tummy. You could try the following, safer methods... Read More »

How many teaspoons is 11mg/kg?

There is 1 mg in each g And 1 000 g in each kgIf you're talking about water, which has a density of 1g/mL, then 11mg of water would take up 11/1000 ml, or 0.011 ml. If you're not talking about wate... Read More »

How much is 800cc in teaspoons?

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Where are my missing teaspoons?

Probably the same place as mine along with every pen I evr bought and all those missing odd socks !!