What is the reason for tear drop tattoos?

Answer To make a statement about what a completely worthless punk they are. It means they are a crybaby and if their mommy finds out they got one, they gonna get a serious spanking and then they cry, cry,... Read More »

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What does the tear drop mean on an HP DeskJet 6122 printer?

Your HP 6122's print cartridge status light, which looks like a teardrop, lights up when one or both of the print cartridges is low on ink, improperly installed or incompatible with the printer. It... Read More »

People with tattoos,how many hours of work do you have invested in your tattoos?

I have 14 tattoos. Probably about 33-35 hours worth. And I am not done yet. :)

How many children does Wayne Newton have?

Wayne Newton, widely known as Mr. Las Vegas, works as a singer, actor, musician and stage performer. He has two daughters, reports the Internet Movie Database, one from each of his two marriages.So... Read More »

How many tattoos does zayn Malik have?

He has three tattoos , one on his right chest its his grandfathers name in Arabic he has on on his left arm of yin and yang and he has one on the right of his belly button