1 oz of cookie dough is equal to how many table spoons.?

Answer 2 Table Spoons is what i think

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Soup Spoons vs. Dinner Spoons?

There are numerous varieties of spoons designed for specific uses. If you order soup as part of your dinner at a restaurant, for example, you will likely have a soup spoon and a dinner spoon at you... Read More »

Sore Throat - how many spoons of honey and lemon juice?

The remedy that I grew up was: take a tablespoon of honey and mix it with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Fresh lemon is the best, but you can use bottled. I'm not sure about using lime instead. Yo... Read More »

How many pockets are in a pool table?

A typical pool table--which is also known as a billiard or snooker table--has six pockets. The pockets are usually "drop pockets" that connect to chutes in the table, which then deposit the balls a... Read More »

How many balls are on a snooker table?

The billiards game snooker requires 22 balls. This includes 15 red object balls that are not numbered, as well as six balls of other colors that are not numbered. A white cue ball completes the set... Read More »