How many symbols are in Chinese writing?

Answer The Kangxi dictionary came out in 1710 with around 47,000 symbols. The most recent Hanyu dacidian came out with over 60,000 symbols. Most Chinese speakers and writers only use about 4,000 to 5,000 ... Read More »

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Symbols for tattoo (Chinese, Japanese, etc...)?

Well, Japanese Kanji and Traditional Chinese are very similar, so there won't be much of a difference there.

How to Learn Shorthand Writing Symbols?

In our modern era of digital recording devices, shorthand is not often taught in schools anymore. It can, however, be useful. Shorthand, as the name implies, is a faster way of writing words and ph... Read More »

How Can I Fix My Computer That Is Showing Symbols Instead of Regular Writing?

If you are getting strange symbols showing up when you type, it is unlikely that your computer keyboard is broken; you probably have just changed a setting somehow. Often the problem is inside Word... Read More »

What is Chinese writing?

The Chinese writing system is a logographic and isolating system (parts of the whole concept are put together using a series of morphemes, or sounds). It is one of the oldest and most influential w... Read More »