How many words are there in the Ihasa Tibetan language?

Answer There is simply no way to effectively gauge the number of given words in any language, according to linguists, who argue that the number of words within any language is infinite because words are i... Read More »

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How many swear words are used in the TV drama The Wire?

1.) Paperwork 2.) Driving/Waiting3.) Lunch4.) Booking5.) Traffic Violation

How to Replace Swear Words with Less Offensive Words?

Though you may not realize it, swearing actually offends people. Furthermore, many people who are offended are slow to make it known for fear of ridicule. Avoiding swearing can also make you appear... Read More »

How many words are in the Hindi language?

About 40 percent of the population of India speaks Hindi and the base language boasts about 120,000 words. Hindi is among the nation's 18 official languages and it has more than 10 dialects.Referen... Read More »

How Many Words Are in the Hebrew Language?

According to New Advent, a website with an expansive encyclopedia of the history of Catholicism, including its roots in Judaism, only 2,050 Hebrew root words remain today. At the time the Bible was... Read More »