How many survived 9 11?

Answer Approximately six billion people.

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How many survived the Charge of the Light Brigade?

Although Tennyson's poem says there were 600 soldiers in the Charge of the Light Brigade, the number was higher than that--673. Of these, approximately 1/3 were casualties in this battle. Therefore... Read More »

How many Saiyans survived Planet Vegeta exploding?

Vegeta, Goku, Raditz and Nappa (Not including the Saiyans in the DBZ movies)

How many of you have survived terminal 'stage four' cancer?

My wife survived breast cancer at her advanced stage by a suitable treatment in Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai, (MADRAS) India. It was in the year 2002, and by the grace of GOD through the Doctor ... Read More »

As of December 20 2009 how many seasons did I survived a Japanese game show air?

The actress Gilda Radnor ( note spelling) died of Cancer some years ago. Oddly her name is the same as the town where the TV Guide was centrally published, she may have chosen this as a stage name,... Read More »