How many sugars do you put in a cup of coffee/tea?

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How many calories are in a cup of tea with two sugars?

The number of calories ranges from 24 to 34. An 8-oz. cup of black tea brewed with tap water has about two calories. Two packets of sugar (sucrose-granulated sugar) adds 22 calories, while 2 tsps. ... Read More »

How many sugars do you have in your tea or coffee?

Three sugars in a cuppa tea! I'm not too fussed on coffee, I have to be in the mood for it..

Are sugars bad for you?

On One Hand: Possible Fat GainExcess calories from sugar is stored in the form of glycogen in your liver and muscles. When the storage capacity has reached, the excess is stored in the adipose tiss... Read More »

Are sugars healthy for you?

On One Hand: Sugar Has Some BenefitsAccording to Anna L. Mardis, MD, despite being labeled as empty calories, sugars are important compounds in human physiology. Mardis states that the relationship... Read More »