How many subs & views do i need for a youtube partnership ?

Answer They don't go by subs its views they go by, I became a partner at 10k views. And becoming a partner is to allow cash flow from your work, not to call yourself better than someone. And that's what i... Read More »

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How Do I Get More Views And Subs On Youtube?

If you want more views 1. Post new videos on a regular schedule and post them when the majority of your subscribers are logged onto Youtube2. Use good tags that you can rank for in search results3.... Read More »

How many views subscribers does it take for google to offer you a partnership with youtube?

Youtube Partnership Network vs Individual Partnership?

Hello, this is dream4animator! I'm partnered with Fullscreen and their network MotionPXL, and I can't say for sure what's better but I'm going to try and explain like how these things work. If you ... Read More »

Do youtube views only count to youtube accounts or does it count to anyone that views the video?

1 count per IP address. YouTube counts sucks big time. There are sites in existence that allow you to spend money to get views. This is what makes the view count pathetic on YouTube. I do not e... Read More »