How many lakes does Texas have?

Answer Texas Parks and Wildlife publishes a list of 177 freshwater lakes in the state. "Texas Bass Fishing" and "Texas Sportsman Magazine" give a number of 6,736 reservoirs with a capacity of 10 acre-feet... Read More »

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How many fire stations does Arlington, Texas have?

The city of Arlington, Texas has 16 fire stations that are staffed with a total of 265 career firefighters and 36 civilian non-firefighting staff. Arlington is located in Tarrant County.References:... Read More »

Do they have free medical insurance for full-time students in Texas?

Free health insurance is not provided to full- or part-time students in Texas. However, many colleges and universities offer low-cost medical plans through deals with third parties. Students aged 2... Read More »

How many ESL students have special needs?

In the u.k the word "retarded" would be seen as quite offensive. We use terms such as "mental impairment/having a learning difficulty/cognitive disability". However, through different research, in ... Read More »

How many homes have dish network in Dallas Texas?