How many strings does a modern harp have?

Answer The modern petal harp comes in four sizes, with corresponding string numbers. A grand or concert harp has 47 strings. The semi-grand variety has only one less string, with 46. The more portable siz... Read More »

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How many strings does a standard harp have?

Strings on a harp can number anywhere between nine and 47. The semigrand concert harp has 46 strings, while the grand concert harp--the standard harp you would see in the orchestra--has 47 strings.... Read More »

What color are the c strings on a harp?

On most harps, the C strings are colored red and the F strings are black or blue. The remaining strings are either white or metallic. Color coding provides a visual reference for determining the co... Read More »

How many strings does a mandolin have?

A mandolin has four to six pairs of strings, or eight to twelve strings. The body of the instrument is typically pear-shaped, and the neck has frets. The mandolin belongs to the lute family of musi... Read More »

How many strings does a dulcimer have?

The number of strings on a dulcimer varies. A three-string dulcimer is typically used when teaching others to play the instrument. Dulcimers can also have four, five, six or eight strings.Source:Th... Read More »