How many streaks can a person eat before throwing up?

Answer Sometimes, it takes only one streak to make a person throw up.Most common is the streak of vomiting.

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If stored on a night stand, how many times should you use a condom before throwing it away and getting another?

Just the one time you moron. ;)God you sound like a catch.. (!)

How many years does a person have to wait before filing Chapter 7 again in Ohio?

Each state has its own variations of the types of bankruptcies available. However, most states have the same statutes on when Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be declared again. I... Read More »

How many strokes did a person have to beat cake batter by hand before there were electric mixers?

According to the Betty Crocker website, the proper number of strokes for beating a cake by hand is 150 for each minute of mixing time that is indicated on the box or recipe.References:Betty Crocker... Read More »

If you can't turn on an old computer, how can you destroy the info on the hard drive before throwing it away"?