How many strands of hair are on a human head?

Answer According to, the average human head has about 100,000 hair strands. People with reddish hair have an average of 90,000 hairs, while those with dark or black hair have approximately ... Read More »

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How Much Hair Does the Average Person Lose Daily?

Everyone experiences a certain amount of hair loss each day----fallen hair usually shows the most in the shower drain or in between the teeth of a comb. Many people worry that they shed too much ha... Read More »

How to Add Color to Gray Hair Strands?

Just because women get older does not mean that they have to let their gray hair poke through. Graying hair is the result of a common aging process that involves the loss of melanin in your hair fo... Read More »

How to Make Glitter Strands in Hair?

Hair tinsel is a popular trend that involves fastening strands of glitter to the hair to add shine and gloss. While it is possible to spray glitter into your hair or comb it in, hair tinsel is much... Read More »

How to Apply Fusion Hair Strands?

"Fusion" is a catchall term for strand-by-strand hair extensions methods, which utilize 100 percent human hair and can last up to five months with proper maintenance. Fusion hair strands include a ... Read More »