How many stocks must be traded to move market value?

Answer It depends how many shares of stock are available for trade at the best price. If one share is available at $5, and the next shares are offered at $6, then the purchase of that single share increas... Read More »

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When stocks are traded in the secondary market, does the company receive anything?

Companies receive cash when they initially sell their stock to the public. A stock trade on the secondary market represents a private transaction between the buyer and the seller. The company does ... Read More »

What happens with market value in stocks?

Investors trade stocks to build wealth. Analysts are concerned with fluctuations in market value as they relate to plotting strategy. You should work to understand the basics of corporate finance p... Read More »

How are foreign stocks traded?

A significant number of foreign companies trade on the U.S. stock exchanges. For most investors, it is safer and more cost effective to invest in the U.S.-listed foreign stocks than trying to open ... Read More »

Why are stocks traded in eighths?

Although the stock markets no longer trade stocks using eighths, the United States was the last country to switch stock trading to a decimal system. The use of eighths of a dollar as the minimum pr... Read More »