How many stocks are there on the NYSE?

Answer A report released in 2009 shows that the NYSE Composite Index consists of 1,526 U.S. companies and 324 non-U.S. companies for a total of 1,850. These numbers produce a total index value of more tha... Read More »

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What is the difference between the NYSE& Nasdaq in terms of market capitalization of stocks?

In terms of market capitalization of stocks, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq represent two of the world's largest stock exchanges. In 2008, the combined market cap exceeded $11 tr... Read More »

How Many Companies Have Stock Traded on the NYSE?

Approximately 2,800 companies trade stock on the New York Stock Exchange. They range from large blue-chip companies to newly formed high-growth companies. The New York Stock Exchange trades about 1... Read More »

Why is there NEVER any information regarding Analyst Ratings or Opinion on Leucadia National Corp (NYSE: LUK)?

Not sure why Yahoo doesn't have any listings. Check with your broker but here are the listings on Datamine as of Friday for LUK:Thomson Reuters/Gradient (i) Neutral Ford Equity Research (i) Buy... Read More »

Is there a Yahoo Finance for Canadian stocks?

There is a Yahoo! Finance website for Canadian stocks. Yahoo! Finance Canada also has a news feed with financial and business headlines that are relevant to Canadians. View the Yahoo! Finance websi... Read More »