How many stocks are in the Nifty index?

Answer The S&P CNX Nifty--sometimes called "The Nifty 50" or simply "Nifty"--is a diversified index of 50 Indian stocks across 22 sectors, including transportation, construction, automotive, pharmaceutica... Read More »

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How many stocks make up the NIFTY index?

There are 50 stock indexes in the NIFTY Index. It is often referred to as the NIFTY Fifty and accounts for 21 sectors of the economy. The index has many purposes including index funds, benchmarking... Read More »

How to Trade Options on the Nifty (Indian Index)?

Options on the Nifty are mainly used by large fund managers to hedge their cash positions against large losses. They are also used by institutional and retail investors to speculate on the directio... Read More »

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