What am I supposed to do?

Answer Well what my sister in law did was apply for grants there are plenty of them hidden ones too, also endowments left by deseased people who did'nt have kids or wanted to help a good person to get the... Read More »

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What am I supposed to see here?

Its like one of those holograms....just keep looking. try to look "through" it!

How much are you supposed to weigh when your 11?

It depends on your height but an average weight is 125-130.

How to Date when You're Not Supposed To?

Are your parents overprotective, and won't let you date? If you don't want to deal with them, read on.

Are you supposed to sleep with a bra on or without one?

I think it's best to wear a sports bra to bed because it offers support without smothering the girls I'm only 15 and my breasts aren't sagging and are still growing so. I must be doing something right