How to Call Mexico from the United States?

Answer Making international calls requires special codes. To call Mexico from the United States, follow these steps.

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Can I fly from the United States to Mexico without a passport?

As of June 1, 2009, international air travel to and from Mexico requires a U.S. passport. You can travel to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean only via other forms of transportation with a U.S. passp... Read More »

How did the United States obtain land from Mexico?

The dream of expansionism was shared by many American presidents, leading to conflicts with its neighbors to the south. First the Spanish, and then the independent nation of Mexico encountered the ... Read More »

Do you need a United States passport for Juarez, Mexico?

As of March 2010, all visitors to Mexico must present either a valid passport or passport card regardless of the destination. As Juarez falls within the designated "border zone," visitors here do n... Read More »

Do you need a passport to get into Mexico from the United States?

When traveling by land, air or sea, you need a valid photo I.D., a tourist card and proof of citizenship to enter Mexico. You need a passport, however, to re-enter the United States.Source:U.S. Dep... Read More »